January 20, 2018

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  • Gillian Martlew, N.D.
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"Before I started working with Gillian I thought there was no hope of ever feeling well again..."
"...I've tried many alternative therapies in the last 8 years. Each helped to some degree, but none has ever produced the life changing results that working with you has..."
"...it is wonderful to wake up in the morning and feel good-for the first time in many years!"
"Going to Dr. Martlew and learning how to take charge of my health is the most important decision I ever made..."
"Dear Gillian, Hope you are sitting down!!!!!!!!! Total Cholesterol 198 (my fingers quiver as I type!) HDL 62, LDL 122, Tryglycerides 77..."
"...following your suggestions, I am sleeping much better, I DON'T crave sweets anymore, I'm off caffeine, I have lots of energy...I can hardly wait to see what other good things are in store for me..."
"You can't begin to imagine how excited I am to report my cholesterol numbers to you...These are motivating results. In January my Doctor's comment was, 'it is unlikely with a level this high that you will be able to lower it without medication.' Comment on this report is, 'please continue whatever you've been doing to get it down. It worked!' ..."


Books & Writings


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BOOK REVIEW (Abridged)
Electrolytes: The Spark of Life, Revised Edition
Gillian Martlew, N.D.
By Don Weaver (Co-Author of The Survival of Civilization)

Acknowledging and further expanding upon the work of “great trailblazers” in trace-mineral (electrolyte) research, author/Naturopath, Gillian Martlew has given the soil remineralization movement, and the world, a valuable synthesis of research and evidence proving further the universal requirement for health: a balance of all essential minerals in soil and cell!

Dr. Martlew is one of a growing number who has understood some of the key reasons why we must remineralize the soils. Further addressing the soil-health connection, she states: “In US Senate document number 264, written in 1936, it says ‘Sick soils mean sick plants, sick animals and sick people.”

The book discusses many specific health and behavioral problems known to heal with restoration of trace element balance and healthful living. These include cardiovascular disease, cancer, immune system (or health system) weakening and hyperactivity in malnourished children. The dangers of eating refined sugars and other products deviating from our biological-ecological norm of whole foods are pointed out with an emphasis on the great trace-element drain to our body’s reserves when it is required to metabolize and eliminate such ‘foods’.

I found this book to hold much of obvious value and to be well worth reading.

A signed copy of my book, Electrolytes: The Spark of Life can be purchased from my office or find copies of my book online at