January 20, 2018

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  • Gillian Martlew, N.D.
  • New London Center for Naturopathic Health
  • PO Box 1195
  • New London, NH 03257
  • (603) 526-8446


"Before I started working with Gillian I thought there was no hope of ever feeling well again..."
"...I've tried many alternative therapies in the last 8 years. Each helped to some degree, but none has ever produced the life changing results that working with you has..."
"...it is wonderful to wake up in the morning and feel good-for the first time in many years!"
"Going to Dr. Martlew and learning how to take charge of my health is the most important decision I ever made..."
"Dear Gillian, Hope you are sitting down!!!!!!!!! Total Cholesterol 198 (my fingers quiver as I type!) HDL 62, LDL 122, Tryglycerides 77..."
"...following your suggestions, I am sleeping much better, I DON'T crave sweets anymore, I'm off caffeine, I have lots of energy...I can hardly wait to see what other good things are in store for me..."
"You can't begin to imagine how excited I am to report my cholesterol numbers to you...These are motivating results. In January my Doctor's comment was, 'it is unlikely with a level this high that you will be able to lower it without medication.' Comment on this report is, 'please continue whatever you've been doing to get it down. It worked!' ..."


About Dr. Martlew


Hello, thank you for your interest in my practice. I am a state licensed Naturopathic Doctor with over 30 years practice experience. I received my degree in 1983 from The Institute de Naturopathie du Quebec (a full-time, 4 year accredited Naturopathic medical college).

I work with a diverse group of patients from all over the world, both at my New London office and by telephone and audio/visual consultation. Patients consult me for a wide range of health concerns, and my specialty is working with stress related issues including anxiousness, insomnia, mood, energy, and digestive system problems.

I will never compromise my high ethical standards, and in a world of promised fast-fixes, and diminishing doctor/patient quality time, I continue to spend time with each patient, listening, taking a detailed health history, and using the most effective state-of-the art testing procedures. This successful combination helps me to determine the cause of each patient’s health concerns and therefore the most effective course of treatment.

I ask my patients for commitment and communication.


  • I have 30 years of clinical experience
  • I hold a licence in Naturopathic medicine
  • Research and writing are important aspects of my work. I have authored seven books on health, which are translated and published worldwide, and I have written health articles for numerous magazines including Cosmopolitan and Elle. In addition to my practice and writing, I have lectured extensively in the USA and the UK, lecturing to the medical community and the public, appearing on national television and radio, and running a natural therapy phone-in on the BBC.
  • I maintain an ongoing educational schedule, (state licensing board approved courses, clinical research seminars, educational trainings etc) continually learning new skills, and fine-tuning the most effective and efficient ways to provide the best possible care for each patient. My professional memberships include: The New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors (NHAND), Iridologists International, The Society of Authors, The Author’s Guild, and the Society of NLP.

    As part of my practice I

  • offer a free 15 minute phone opportunity to speak with me prior to becoming a patient
  • offer a free call-in for established patients and the community
  • take the time to listen to you
  • integrate an effective combination of functional medicine, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, and homeopathy
  • use Iridology in the comprehensive office assessments to help determine genetic and other tendencies.
  • teach EFT, and stress management techniques
  • offer extensive health and functional evaluations and comprehensive testing
  • provide complete explanations of procedures (i.e., lab and diagnostic tests) and results
  • stock a highly researched and effective dispensary featuring supplements from manufacturers who meet the most stringent safety and testing standards
  • consider diverse approaches for working with and/or maintaining your health, and maintain relationships with MDs and healthcare providers from various disciplines to provide you with proper referrals when necessary